Words by Fernando Lucchini, President Alta Ley Corporation


These have been complicated days, days of uncertainty, of worry, where we have had to change our habits for a greater good, our personal, family and collective health. Thus, we have had to accept that we are vulnerable and that our understanding, empathy and solidarity must prevail over all.

“Stay at home” is the phrase that we have heard the most in recent days, and it is that, according to international experience, the key decision to successfully overcome the coronavirus pandemic. A decision that, without a doubt, completely changes our routine of life, of our family life and also our work life; a decision that has put the famous “teleworking” to the test, which some viewed with suspicion. But, nevertheless, many of us have been able to demonstrate the great capacity of our teams to advance and continue promoting, from their homes, the different projects despite the difficulties.

In the field of health and also in the workplace, this crisis has made it even more evident that technology is a great ally to achieve progress. In mining we must also take advantage of its benefits, and focus even more on working to incorporate new technologies in the industry to achieve the changes we need. In crisis, as is known, new problems arise that challenge the creation of new solutions, and I am sure that this will not be the exception. New opportunities will come for the entrepreneurial world, and this will invite us to think outside the box even more.

Today we are facing a new world, facing a scenario that we have never faced before, and that will probably change our way of living, relating and working from now on. Today we live in difficult times, but we have shown that we know how to respond together. We must continue on this path, because it is time to work together and draw lessons to be able to deliver our support to those most affected, and so that we can emerge from this crisis strengthened.