A large delegation of Chilean companies and organizations participated in the sixth IMARC version, a mining event that is considered the largest in Australia.

Mauro Mezzano, from Vantaz Group, argues that «it is very important that Chile is continuously present in this fair, so that the Australian market understands that internationalization is a serious process for us.»

More than 7,000 decision makers, mining leaders, policy makers, investors, commodity buyers, technical experts, innovators and educators from 93 countries around the world, met between October 29 and 31 at the International Mining Conference and Resources (IMARC), the largest mining event in Australia, in order to analyze the mining industry, technology, finance and the future of mining.

For the third consecutive year, Chile participated in this fair with a large delegation, which was organized by ProChile and Vantaz Group and in which various companies and organizations participated, including Alta Ley Corporation. “For our country it is a very good platform, not only to make contact with Australian mining companies, but also with potential partners that can be allies of Chilean companies that have specific intentions to establish themselves in the Australian market, ”explains Mauro Mezzano, partner of Vantaz Group and organizer of This tour.

And the results were very satisfactory. «Very good meetings were achieved, one by one, with potential partners and important mining companies, and finally the tour’s agenda was very well balanced, according to the opinion of the participants themselves,» Mezzano points out. At the same time, he argues that «it is very important that Chile continues to be present at this fair, so that the Australian market, its mining companies and the ecosystem in general, understand that internationalization is a serious process for us,» he says.

The challenges for the future are focused on continuing to build bridges between Australia and Chile. “For this we have committed to continue working in a sustained manner, providing support and guidance to all companies that intend to go international,” concludes Mezzano.