Fernando Lucchini: “We want to be the beacon of mining industry innovation”

In these dates in which the Alta Ley Corporation celebrates its first anniversary, I assume with great enthusiasm the challenge of leading this institution, which without a doubt has meant a great contribution to mining; An industry of great relevance for our country, so contributing in this area seems very stimulating, challenging and rewarding.

This first year has been a successful transition from incubation to institutionalization, which also positioned Alta Ley as a benchmark in the mining industry in matters of articulation and innovation with large-scale initiatives such as the update of the Technological Roadmap for Mining, and the design of a proposal for the future Chilean Institute of Clean Technologies with the ASDIT consortium.

Now a new stage begins and one of the main objectives of the Alta Ley Corporation is its consolidation as the beacon of innovation in the mining industry and as the main articulator and generator of roadmaps. Alta Ley was born for this; We were created specifically to be a guide, without biases or conflicts of interest, of the changes that this industry needs.

As part of this consolidation process, there is another institutionalization of knowledge and the relevant changes that entails. Mainly the generation of standardized procedures and that these patterns are kept within a «knowledge library» in Alta Ley, for the future of this and the industry. Specifically, that Alta Ley be positioned and transformed into the mining industry’s “go to” in these matters.

That is the starting point. Once we know what we have to do, we articulate and facilitate the associativity so that these projects are carried out, always with an eye on catalyzing the development of a complex and strategically positioned national industry. Then comes the execution of these projects, where other actors intervene, but Alta Ley is still present from the governance and the idea is to design those governance, to make them ideal for innovation, and without friction.

For this year we have several projects in the portfolio, officially the first of them is launching the update of the Mining Technology Roadmap, which meant a deep analysis and re-prioritizing of our Roadmap, with the objective of developing new collaborative projects of high impact that aim to generate greater productivity and sustainability in the industry.

On the other hand, we aim to start working on a Technology Roadmap for the Lithium Industry and for Mining 4.0 (digital), with the aim of starting to enrich the ecosystem and facilitate the digital transformation of the industry. Finally, also strengthen sustainable mining through the design of our application to the Chilean Institute of Clean Technologies (ITL) of CORFO, where this issue is one of the programmatic guidelines for the development of a national mining industry based on knowledge and not only in the export of minerals.

We have a great job ahead of us and the challenges are many, but the energy is there and we must keep moving forward, collaboratively and in coordination, in building better mining for a better country. And we are already on it. Very happy 2020 for all.