Fernando Lucchini is the new executive president of the Alta Ley Corporation

Santiago, December 9th, 2019.- The Board of the Alta Ley Corporation appointed Fernando Lucchini as the new Executive President of the Corporation, replacing Mauro Valdés.

The new president of the Corporation was, until a few weeks ago, who coordinated the ASDIT proposal to the Chilean Institute of Clean Technologies.

«I am very happy with this new challenge, mining is an industry of great relevance for our country and to contribute in this area seems very rewarding. In that line, to continue projecting the role of Alta Ley as a catalyst for innovation and knowledge , it is essential to continue with its process in the generation of technological roadmaps, the articulation and facilitation of associativity, and the support through frictionless governance for innovation. As well as a sustained focus on the institutionalization of knowledge and processes, it is the same roadmaps generated that indicate that innovation in mining-metallurgical processes must be pushed – in addition to ensuring the pillars of productivity, safety and costs – moving forward in sustainability and aspects such as: traceability and reduction of emissions , energy and water efficiency, and circular economy. Finally, without a doubt, a pillar that will acquire great relevance in these years will be the facilitation of digital transformation in the mining industry, ”said Lucchini.

Fernando Lucchini is a civil engineer from the University of Chile, studied at Singularity University and completed an M.Sc. in Engineering Management with a focus on innovation and digital transformation strategies, at the University of Southern California, United States. He worked at Codelco as commercial planning manager, he was founder of Tourtrail, a platform for managing and adding data and digital tools for traveler assistance, in 2016 he carried out a consultancy for the electricity generation bidding process and then worked as an Engineer Business Systems and Processes in the government of the city of Los Angeles, United States. In 2019, he joined the Alta Ley Corporation as leader of the proposal for the Chilean Institute of Clean Technologies.

Ricardo Irarrázabal, undersecretary of Mining and president of the board of the Alta Ley Corporation, said that “we thank Mauro Valdés for his valuable work and commitment for more than 4 years in the Alta Ley Program and then the Alta Ley Corporation, during this process he led the articulation between actors in the public and private world to achieve a shared vision of what the national mining industry needed to maintain competitiveness and turn it into a development lever for Chile. Likewise, we wish Fernando Lucchini much success in this new challenge, and we hope that his management will continue to contribute to the transition that the mining industry is going through today. ”