Expomin, the fair that makes us mining ambassadors in front of the world.

Between April 20th to 24th, 2020, a new version of Expomin will be held, the largest mining fair in Latin America, which will focus on the future’s mining.

«Mining making the future easier.» This is the topic that the next Expomin will address, which will take place between April 20th to 24th, 2020 and for which there are already more than 1350 exhibiting companies and 18 confirmed countries.

Expomin makes us ambassadors of national mining in front of the world. This is why, and also as a way to publicize the program and the different companies that will be part of this fair, considered the largest in Latin America, a launch event was held at the Intercontinental Hotel, which was led by Francisco Costabal, president of the Expomin Congress.

Costabal said that the role of mining in the future is key. «It is essential to have an industry that innovates and adapts to the transformations of the times.» He argued that experts agree that the world accelerated and the innovation curve was modified. “What innovation is today will probably be tomorrow’s operation. We cannot be left behind. Our role in the development of the countries’ future forces us to be efficient. Expomin 2020 is a key milestone for us to catch up to discover innovations and continue building in a stronger industry and fulfill our social, operational and economic role in Chile and the world. ”

 Alta Ley Corporation will again be part of this important fair. Jonathan Castillo, Alta Ley manager, said that the new Roadmap 2.0 will be officially launched during Expomin, an updated roadmap for the new times of mining. He also referred to the current scenario of the mining industry, marked by global mega trends and how its materialization will require intensive use of copper and minerals. He also analyzed how Chile, a leading country in this resource, can take advantage of its assest and technical capabilities to be a relevant actor in this new global context and the challenges we have to face in order to maintain our leadership in the industry.