Strategic Projects


Fundación Chile has designed and led the implementation of open innovation platforms in various industries with the purpose of promoting high-impact solutions that enable Chile’s growth and transformation towards sustainable development. These platforms are based on the conviction that innovation and radical collaboration do not occur spontaneously; instead it must be activated through collective intelligence.

This is the way in which Fundación Chile has coordinated different partakers from the public world, such as CORFO and IDB, and the private world around the main challenges in Human Development and Sustainable Development with a shared vision around the need to produce systemic solutions that increase Chile’s productivity and competitiveness.

In the mining industry, Fundación Chile has designed the Expande, Eleva, Interop and Tranque Platforms, to promote an ecosystem of technology-based suppliers; adapt the formation offer of human capital to the skills that will be necessary in tomorrow’s mining; boost smart and digitized mining; and contribute to the safe operation of the country’s tailings deposits.



Expande is an open innovation program in public-private mining, which promotes the development of high-potential solutions from technology-based companies and connects them with the challenges facing mining today and tomorrow. It seeks to become a fundamental pillar for the development of technology suppliers to and from the industry.


Through Expande, it’s seeked to increase the number of challenges to and from the industry; characterize and spread development opportunities; increase the productive chain between the ecosystem’s partakers; and have a portfolio of innovation projects that allow the development of an industry of goods and services around mining with exporting potential.


It currently has the participation of Corfo, Antofagasta Minerals, BHP, Codelco, Alta Ley National Mining Program, Chile’s Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism, Ministry of Mining and IDB-MIF.


Both the design and implementation of this platform has been developed by Fundación Chile.