ASDIT designed a new Executive Board of Directors for its application to the Institute of Clean Technologies

Yesterday, November 19th, the Resolutive Board of the Consortium of the Association for the Development of the Institute of Clean Technologies (ASDIT), formed by the 11 most important universities in the country, the Association of Industrialists of Antofagasta (AIA) and led by the Alta Ley Corporation, appointed its new Executive Board.

The designation establishes that Andrés Alonso assumes as Executive Director and Patricio Valdivia as Technical Director of the Consortium for his application to the contest of the Chilean Institute of Clean Technologies that is being developed by CORFO.

The Institute, which will be headquartered in the city of Antofagasta, will have an investment of US $ 193 million minimum, product of the “R&D contribution” of SQM Salar, from its contracts with Corfo to extend the production of Lithium in the Salar de Atacama. The objective is to make Chile a world reference in clean technologies and an international development pole in solar energy, low emission mining and advanced lithium materials for electromobility.

Andrés Alonso, engineer, physicist and economist, has held high positions in the energy and mining industry during his 30 years of professional experience, having been Counselor of the National Electrical Coordinator until last October. In addition, he works as a teacher and university researcher.

Patricio Valdivia, PhD in Engineering from the University of Arizona, currently serves as a teacher and researcher at the Technical University Federico Santa María, having 16 years of experience in the energy field and in research and development centers, in addition to having made numerous publications in all of these matters.

They will both have a full-time dedication to the previously mentioned charges, being independant of their respective institutions until April 2020, when the contest called by CORFO concludes. Mr. Alonso will not receive remuneration for this function.