MEET + Cynthia Torres, Executive Director CIPTEMIN

The curriculum of the executive director of CIPTEMIN is impossible to summarize on one page. This professional with extensive experience in the mining industry, has stood out for her multiple and varied knowledge, standing out in areas as specific as concentrator plants, MOFITO plant (Molybdenum, Filter and Roasting), hydrometallurgical processes, thermoelectric plants,high purity water production, among others.

She also stands out for her career in academia and research, where she has taught courses in the chemical and mineral processing area, giving special emphasis to environmental compliance. As an academic, she has directed more than 10 undergraduate thesis and has been a guiding professor and proofreader for pre and postgraduate thesis in continuous collaboration with the mining industry, promoting student field work and industry-academy collaboration. Next, more details of this great woman, mother, professional, sportswoman and also part of a rescue brigade!

Who are you?

In family terms, I have always had the full support of my parents, since without them I would not be the person I am within the personal and professional point of view. From a very young age my parents raised me with love, respect and always motivated me to be a professional, giving me the freedom to choose my career. I am Catholic, I like to dance, until a while ago I belonged to a COFUN folk ensemble and then Kay Pacha. I am also a firefighter and rescue brigade in height and confined areas, activity that I left some years ago for the amount of time it demanded.

As for my studies, I have a chemical degree and a degree in chemistry from the University of Antofagasta; Master in Environmental Engineering from the Catholic University of the North and I have a PhD in Environmental Sciences, chemical mention from the Tennessee Technological University in the USA. The last thanks to Conicyt Chile Scholarships. I also completed a post doctorate in Csiro-Chile in Mineral Processing.

In the professional field, I believe I have the ability to generate national and international networks, skills for working with multidisciplinary groups, a positive and highly organized attitude, aimed at meeting the established objectives. I like the work that I have achieved with small mining, as well as the continuous collaboration with mining companies and suppliers such as Enami, Codelco, Minera las Cenizas, Enaex, Asmin, AMSA, Codelco, among others.

What do you do in your free time? (hobbies)

I love to enjoy my free time with my daughter (who is my most precious treasure) and my family. I like to dance, go to the beach, travel and play sports.

Book on your nightstand?

Children’s stories, since every night we read one with my daughter

What is your main strength?

Within my strengths, I am a persevering person, I do not give up easily to challenges. I am constantly reviewing Chile’s challenges as a country and how I could be part of them within my professional skills. In fact, the reason I accepted the position of CEO, in addition to a personal challenge, is because of a country challenge.

What are your goals for this year?

My professional goals for this year is to be able to perform the first pilots as CIPTEMIN.

What is your biggest aspiration for Chile as a mining country?

Mining is one of the main activities of the Chilean economy and all the actors involved – academia, companies and suppliers – are somewhat dispersed. Our main challenge as a pilot center is to solve the lack of test spaces at a semi industrial and industrial level so that suppliers can validate their technologies with academic and industry support. That is why my greatest aspiration is to be able to see the work and efforts of all these actors connected, who in one way or another collaborate in the development of our country.