Alta Ley Team participates in Cambridge Roadmapping training

On March 4th and 5th the Alta Ley Corporation team participated in a training to update the contents of the Cambridge Roadmapping methodology. The activity, in which 15 people participated, included a theoretical part and a practical part. In the first, reference was made to the origin of the methodology, the steps to generate a Road Map (HDR) were announced, who should participate in each process, its objectives, deliverables, scope, etc. In the practical part, the Lithium Roadmap was taken as a case, which as Alta Ley Corporation must lead and articulate from the next few weeks, and worked on the different stages, including exploratory HDR, strategic HDR, in addition to generate a correlated core and more specifically characterize each challenge/solution.

The training allowed, in addition to improving knowledge of the Roadmapping methodology itself, to identify tools or techniques used to complete the different steps, such as the relevance of diverging-emerging-converging, as an iterative process, the methodology to build a common vision, use PMI techniques for more details in HDR tactical descent and use of post-it to capture ideas, group them together and generate strong ideas.

For Fernando Lucchini, executive director of Alta Ley, this training is of great importance for the team and the next challenges for Alta Ley, since “one of the main objectives of the Alta Ley Corporation is its consolidation as the beacon of innovation in the mining industry and as the main articulator and generator of roadmaps ”.