Alta Ley Participates in the Meetings for Sustainable Economic Development

On Thursday, November 14th, Corporación Alta Ley participated in the fourth session of the Meetings for Sustainable Economic Development, an instance that seeks to support the development of the National Mining Policy. The sustainable economic development meetings together with the environmental, social and governance gatherings are themed that will develop elements of public policy based on guidelines provided by a national table, consisting of representatives of the Ministry of Mining, Codelco, Cochilco, Alta Ley, Enami , Mining Council, Sonami and Aprimin.

In turn, the thematic tables are composed of representatives of the same entities mentioned above in addition to Sernageomin, CESCO, Mining Value, Ministry of the Environment, Superintendence of the Environment and the Institute of Mining Engineers of Chile.

In the session of November 14, the table of sustainable economic development deepened in aspects associated to Value chains in mining focused on Research, Development and innovation; Supplier Development and added value. This session was attended by Corporación Alta Ley, the leader of Mining Projects, Guillermo Olivares.