Alta Ley participates in the Environmental Meetings of Mining Policy

On Tuesday, November 19th, the Alta Ley team participated in the 4th Environmental Meetings of Mining Policy, an initiative led by the Ministry of Mining.

The theme addressed in this workshop, which had more than 30 representatives of the national mining industry, academia and public entities, were greenhouse gases (GHG) and other emissions (SOX, MP10, MP2.5) associated to mining and its relationship with the national climate change contribution goals (NDC) as well as the decontamination plans in force in several areas of the country and their relationship with socio-environmental conflicts.

The main results show the reinforcement of the smelter policy, to strengthen the country brand and the copper market, support and strengthen the portfolio of initiatives in the green mining line prepared by Alta Ley and other institutions to articulate relevant replacement projects for fuels and energy efficiency.