Alta Ley launches Mining Technology Roadmap Update

After a long review and analysis process, which included several workshops and technical tables, in which more than 100 people, from 40 different institutions actively participated, a few days ago we made the Mining Technology Roadmap Update available to the industry, a document whose main novelty is the incorporation of three new nuclei: new uses of copper, green mining and exploration. In this way, we fulfill the objective of making this Roadmap a “live” document, which is changing and adjusting to the needs of the new times

Through this update of the Roadmap we seek to account for the main technological advances of recent years, take care of new challenges that society itself demands as a result of the strong changes in context we face – especially linked to a more inclusive economy and sustainability-, and address new technological developments that reflect the growing maturity of our innovation ecosystem.

We invite you to be part of these pages and keep moving forward, collaboratively and in coordination, in building better mining for a better country.

Download Roadmap